A day in Odawara

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The day before the Hojo Godai Matsuri and the Samurai parade I made a nice walk in Odawara with my wife.. Just to kill the time, and explore more deeply the city. Last time I gone to Odawara I just visited the Castle.

So here is a tiny selection of picture took on that day

some lovely bell, in front of a tiny temple

The castle by night

The castle by night.. view on the water plan, in front of the castle

Nothing special.. Tatami in our room..
I found a very very nice place to stay in Odawara, in a almost hundred years house ( just made some work in the house after the WW2, because a bomb explode not far the house).
The owner is a little woman of 84years old, and she is absolutly lovely!.. we've speak with her during hours.. ( and she told us she get on the top of fuji san 2 years ago! at 82 years old! not bad ^^ )

The house is a real japanese style house.. like a ninja's house. a lot of door going nowhere.. trap everywhere.. and I am pretty sure of it, A LOT OF GHOST ! ^^;
everything is japan style ( toilet, bathroom, our room s door was on paper..)

1night cost ¥3500 / person.. cheap isn t it?

Castle during day time

a little monkey ( japanese macaque) doing a show on the street

the sea.. 15min walk from the station of Odawara ( 10min from the castle)

How to do it

Spider net..


Please do not abandon your pet!

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