BBQ party in Futako-tamagawa

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Sunday 15th of August I organized a BBQ party in Futako-tamagawa..

It was a very hot day (37c) and we had no parasol! and yes, sunburn came really quickly :-D

Never mind, it was a nice day, and had a lot of fun!

We were not the only one to have the same idea to go to futako-tamagawa on that day for a BBQ! The place was full of people!.. even TV crew from fuji tv came to interview people…

And I don’t know if I have to tell you this or not, but 70% of people were drunk! haha.. very very hot + beer = you do funny and stupid thing ^^

BTW, I want to thanks every body who came ;-) next one will be on the beach! yeah..

Here is photos from that day. enjoy..

You can see video on

this is my fav pic of the day.. I don't know why... I like it, thats all I know haha

and you, which one is your fav one?? make a tag on it and say why you like it ;-)


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