Hokkaido #5 – Lake Shikotsuko

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Lake Shikotsuko is a not only japans second deepest lake, it's also has the cleanest water in the entire nation. Despite it's northern latitude it rarely freezes during the winter. Hopefully I'll get to visit it during the snowy season too sometime. Even though my girlfriend complained over the water temperature, I had no trouble swimming there. Maybe because I come from northern Europe? ;)

As always, more photos at: http://saidkarlsson.com/blog


Ugly swans for rent.

The weather conditions changes quickly.

Old railway bridge, now converted for pedestrian use only.

Of course we couldn't resist the water.

Cruise ferry.

I have no idea about what this animal might be called, but they apparently live in the lake. Cute huh?

The small village around the bus stop is nice, although quite touristy.

The soba we had was supposed to contain water from the lake. Not sure if they really did, but they were very delicious nevertheless.

Yubari melon soda. Not sure if this is obtainable outside of Hokkaido, but it was good and well worth trying.

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