Hokkaido-Blessed by snow..

3 years ago by in Japan Archives

I am always fascinated by everything about Japan, the rich culture, kind people, yummy yet healthy food, and not to mention the beautiful places across the country. I've been to Japan few times but it was my first time visiting Hokkaido, and here is the beautiful Hokkaido through my eyes.. (actually my camera)

The beautiful night view of Hakodate

Odori Park illumination

Ekini Shijo entrance at Hakodate Morning Market where you will find a go-hyaku-en kaisendon

Hakodate morning market view from Loisir Hotel Hakodate where I stayed

Music box museum in Otaru

Sapporo white illumination

Sapporo Clock

Sapporo Ramen Kyowakoku at ESTA building-Sapporo JR station

A sweet shop in Otaru

Otaru canal night view

Pure white snow at Asahiyama zoo hilltop-Asahikawa

Miso ramen at Asahiyama zoo

Go hyaku kaisendon at Hakodate morning market

A bountiful fresh seafood-a kaisendon in Otaru

Hokkaido corn

A bowl of curry soup in Sapporo

An adventurous foodie who has passion about Japan

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