I love Depachika

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Whenever wifey and I are back in Tokyo, we would always garb dinner at the Depachika from the department stores around Shinjuku Station like Keio, Takashimaya or Odakyu. it's a great and cheap way to a wonderful meal. I believe Depachika is short for 'depaato-chika shokuhin uriba (department store basement food-selling place) and is unique to Japan.

There is just sooooo much variety. There's food from not just other parts of Japan but also different parts of the world. We usually spend almost an hour deciding what to grab and if you come later like 8pm I think, the sushi would be cheaper but, most would already be gone by then too. The desserts always taste as good as they look and everything comes beautifully packed.

For my bento box, I would like this

Thank You!

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