JIYUGAOKA: The perfect Napoli pizza at FERMATA

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If I'm lazy I'll hit up my neighborhood SeiRinKan Pizzeria (formerly Savoy) in Nakameguro (...), if I have a bit of energy I'll jump on the Hibiya/Oedo-line and check out Savoy in Azabu Juban (new Savoy Bar TacoYaki/Pizzeria addition in Roppongi ...) but if I want something thats a great alternative then there is nothing better than FERMATA in Jiyugaoka (...). Italian Radio BGM, wood burning stove, homemade onion salad dressing, friendly chef and the pizza's... simply delicious. Savoy/SeiRinKan serve Margherita and Marinara pizzas only (unless you are a regular and can ask for "Ura-Menu" unlisted items) but FERMATA definitely beats them hands down with their lunch/dinner variety. I recommend sitting on the 1st floor counter seating for the best view of pizza making... but there are tables on the 2nd floor for larger groups.

Address (Copy and paste into Google Maps): 東京都目黒区自由が丘2-14-2

My Youtube FERMATA Vids:

And a SAVOY Azabu Juban Vid:

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