Once upon a time at Fujirock 2010 – a Twitter tale

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Thursday night, our first night at Fuji rock festival and the excitement was running high. My nightly ritual of removing disposable contact lenses (whilst already flat in bed) was dutifully carried out, except tonight I
could not remember where tomorrow and the day after's lenses were.

Not good.

Considering I'm practically blind without them (optometrists should stop reading now) I stuffed the dry lenses back into my eyes and searched every pocket of every bag for my eyes.

No luck.

There was no option but to sleep with the lenses, at least that will grant me (foggy) sight in the morning to find a solution. The next morning's festival excitement was replaced by manic problem solving, it was clear I
misplaced the contact lenses and forgot my glasses. The hotel was roped in, optometrist called, no stock, the hospital could help, but an eye test was required and the hospital was an hour and a half away. Off course another option was getting on a bus, train, subway back home, but this would take 4h.

In the mean time I've done what every twitter addict does- tweeted frantically about the situation. People started retweeting and within an hour and a half I received the magical words from *aiai_tokyo*

Hey! I am still in Tokyo, and I have -4.0 lenses, but maybe that's too strong for you??

I needed 3.50 and 3.75, but beggers can't be choosers.

We agreed to meet at GanBan at midnight, I was told to look for a girl with a 'CS' board. At exactly midnight, my crusty eyes spotted Ai!

I was so excited and relieved I almost killed her with hugs. Not only did she bring a pair, she brought 3 pairs, one for every day of the festival.

Whilst chatting, almost twenty people gathered to meet her, it turned out she organised on 'Couch Surfer' for strangers from around the world to meet at the festival to party together, this girl seriously rocked.

Thanks Ai, because of you my festival rocked too.

liezel strauss

*art & interior consultant *
twitter: http://twitter.com/lilystrauss
blog contributor: apartmenttherapy.com

Blogging all the way from Fuji Rock! Tis I Fuji Rocker!!

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