Parking in Japan

4 years ago by in Japan Archives

Parking in Tokyo is an expensive affair. I've heard of monthly parking rates in excess of ¥60,000 for a spot right in the heart of the great neon metropolis.

Prices drop to about ¥30,000 in the outskirts.

If you happen to live in the countryside, it's probably a fraction of that price. I've see monthly rates of ¥10,000. That's still pretty expensive for parking don't you think?

Is public parking expensive where you live? In Japan or not.

I have to hand it to the Japanese family that lives here. Isn't this just an ingenious use of space? Also protects the car from birds flying overhead. ^^. Might be a little difficult should the family upgrade to a bigger car. Don't suppose a 4WD will fit in there. Do you?

Just finished grad school in Japan. Been here for 5 years and counting!

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