Sunday evening report card: LCD Soundsystem, Atoms For Peace, Massive Attack

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Depending on how you choose to interpret James Murphy's recent
interviews, this might be the last time LCD Soundsystem play in Japan.
I don't think he's keeping count himself, mind you. "This is our first
time here," he says from the White Stage, which is weird, since I
thought they played at Fuji in 2004. Anyhoo, their set this evening is
pretty damn good, even if they lose a substantial slice of the
audience to Atoms for Peace halfway through. (In a wilfully perverse
bit of scheduling, LCD are also on at the exact same time as Hot Chip,
the band with whom they probably share the most fans.)
Speaking of Atoms, it's like the whole festival has turned up to see
them. Dressed in a grey vest and headband, Thom Yorke looks like he's
been taking fashion tips from Keith Richards, and dancing lessons from
Ian Curtis. He boogies around the stage as the band, featuring Flea,
Nigel Godrich and a pair of drummers, plays propulsive versions of
songs from Yorke's solo album, "The Eraser." That's a pretty dour body
of work to be drawing on, and I doubt that a band without this kind of
pedigree would be able to pull it off. They leave the stage with half
an hour to spare, and Yorke returns to play a few Radiohead covers
solo. Not to denigrate the band's efforts, but it's probably the best
bit of the set.
Even a Radiohead substitute is better than headliners Massive Attack,
who are quite unfathomably boring: one drab, downtempo trudge after
another. After half an hour, I'm reduced to uttering something I never
thought I'd find myself saying: "This isn't banging enough. Let's go
and watch Belle and Sebastian."


Fuji Rock is high up in the mountains

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