Tanabata festival in Hulon

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Just returned yesterday from our own local Tanabata Festival!
The Hulon city council with the help of the Japanese embassy arranged our own Tanabata festival with most of the original Japanese Tanabata customs.
(You are welcome to check out the Full article Tanabata Festival at My Stuff by Sergey Berengard)


The big and welcoming sign says “Tanabata Japan Festival”. The small sign on the left says “Do not cross” – Luckily there’s no celebrations there… ^^

Grab one!

The idea here is to grab a certain kanji from the bowl and then the ladies of the stand tell you what is it called and what it means in Japanese and you can keep it for yourself to put it on your key chain or hang near the window or something like that. That was fun and cost only 5 shekels a piece.

Wishes tree

There even was arranged a wishes tree. One of the customs on Tanabata is that you write down your wish on a paper strip (短冊 = tanzaku) and hang it on a bamboo tree.
There is a poll embedded in this article.

Food too!

And how can you manage without food… You got it!
The festival sold a little bit of Japanese custom foods, mostly sushi, but also drinks, noodles soup, Japanese beers, alcoholic drinks and special wooden plates to serve the sushi by the tradition.

One drink for me

“Ozeki Sake” is a Japanese alcoholic drink, not so strong though. I gave it a try, after which I got me-self a bottle for special occasions.
Also, you are welcome to check out the Full article Tanabata Festival at My Stuff by Sergey Berengard.

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