Tokyo Mosque

4 years ago by in Japan Archives

In December last year I was in Tokyo for the Lear Japanese Pod get together. I spent the entire day roaming about with a friend. The last place we went to before heading to Shibuya was Tokyo Mosque in Yoyogi Uehara!

I was very shocked to see that there is such a beautiful mosque in Tokyo! Back home in India, I wouldn't be surprised to see such beautiful architecture, but in the concrete and steel jungle of Tokyo, this was surely a pleasant site ^^.

Sorry for the lack of interior photos. It was such a silent place. I was scared that even the slightest sound of my camera's shutter would disturb its stillness. Next time I'm here, I will surely click some more. Maybe folks living in Tokyo could do it sooner! Anybody!?

I have more pictures, but its got people in em ^^;

Next time I'll make it a point to take more pictures without people in them.

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