Tokyo street skateboarding #1

4 years ago by in Japan Archives

Let's see current skateboard scene in tokyo/jpn. Not only professional but many of amateur skateboarder is enjoying their life.
Many of my friends are getting older and still keep skatin' and young kids are increasing also as same as your country!
I hope if you can feel how much fun to skate in Tokyo.

New Generation!

New Generation!
At the beautiful sunset time, old generation ppl were already too tired!
Only young kids were keepin skate. Older were already started to drink bunch of beers.
Varial Heel Flip from home made gap.

Old generation is still alive:-)

Old generation is still alive:-)
This is what we like. we aren't professional but skating is the most important part of all of our life.
Heel Flip by Katsu

Katsu shoot Shuhei

Filming is tough but fun. Without looking finder and just shoot with fisheye lenz.
Push with VCR on street in Nihonbashi.

High speed Switch Stance Crooked grind by Shuhei.

The above shot is filming this !
High speed Switch Stance Crooked grind by Shuhei.

Daisuke's Front Side Tail Slide (HDR)

Tokyo local

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