Japanese tsunami, most shared news video in 2011 on YouTube

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Raw images of the tsunami waves entering the city of Sendai was the most watched news video on YouTube during the year 2011, according to a statement of the U.S. video sharing network.

In March 2011, tragedy struck the nation of Japan where a 8.9-magnitude earthquake was followed by a tsunami that cost thousands their lives. “Millions of people around the world turned to YouTube to find video and witness the events for themselves as the disaster unfolded,” according to YouTube.

The video can be watched below.

Other popular videos on the video sharing website were online singing sensation Rebecca Black, a “how-to” tutorial that teaches viewers 25 ways to wear a scarf in 4.5 minutes, or a dog attacking a bicyclist.

YouTube released the year’s hierarchies based on the analysis of the more than one trillion videos uploaded on the website during 2011.

"That's about 140 views for every person on the Earth," said a YouTube manager. "More than twice as many stars as in the Milky Way."

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