Mystery TEPCO investor likely China

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The list of TEPCO's major shareholders has undergone some changes in recent weeks, in large because of the current instability regarding the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facility.

A new investor has now appeared on TEPCO's top 10 list of investors, called "SSBT OD05 Omnibus Account – Treaty Clients," which owns 24,087 shares in the company. According to an article from the Asahi last year, "There is a consensus among market insiders that the money in the funds come from China," referring to money from SSBT funds, which the newspaper said are based out of Sydney.

The funds also appear to have stakes in numerous other companies, including Mitsubishi Financial, Canon and Sony, according to Seeking Alpha.

While it is unlikely this poses any reason to worry for Japan, it is perhaps uplifting for Tepco to know that they have the faith of a body as powerful as the Chinese government.

And that is not the only large investment China is making. Bloomberg reports China bought a record ¥1.33 trillion in long-term government debt in April.

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