New options for Japan’s energy mix, by end-March

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Japan will publish by the end of March several options for changing its energy mix, before it will develop a new master plan in the summer, in order to reduce the importance of nuclear power in the national energy policy.

According to the draft proposals of the Advisory Committee on Natural Resource and Energy, Japan will follow a new energy path, having as main directions the drastically increasing of energy conservation and the quick introduction of renewable power.

The existing energy master plan says that atomic power would be increasingly important for Japan and that it would supply 53 percent of the country’s needs by 2030. However, the public confidence in the nuclear industry was virtually erased after this year’s natural catastrophe, which triggered a nuclear crisis at the Fukushima plant.

“Following the earthquake and the nuclear accident, we need to revise that energy composition,” the new draft reads.

It also mentions that consumers may be allowed to decide the source of the power they consume and offer bigger incentives to those who save power.

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