New robotic dog can guide the visually-impaired

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Japanese robot maker NSK has presented a robotic dog than can “see” around it using Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Kinect device. The robot is moving on four wheels and is destined to help visually-impaired people.

The robot uses a set of 3D-sensing video cameras to orientate. It can for example go up on the stairs taking one step after the other in a “human style” and it adjusts continuously to the environment. The user of the robot can follow it using an adjustable handle and can give it orders, telling it to start, stop, go up or down the stairs, thanks to voice recognition software.

A bumper sensor fitted into each of the dog’s feet allows it to avoid crashing into things. The Kinect software makes it easier to detect obstacles.

NSK is reportedly looking to put the robotic dog on the commercial market by the year 2020.

You can watch below a presentation video of the new robot.

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