Recent survey says Japan population sluggish and graying

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The total population of Japan stood at 128,057,352 as of October 1, 2010, results of the recent survey showed on Wednesday. The number was up by 0.2% from the previous census done five years ago- the slowest growth ever recorded since the survey started in 1920.

The statistics included non-Japanese residents. When non-Japanese residents were excluded, Japan’s population decreased by 371,000, or 0.3 percent- the first time that it registered a decrease since 1975. On the contrary, the total number of non-Japanese residents increased by 93,000 or 5.9%.

"While Japan has entered an era of population decline, its total population has been flat because of an increase in foreign nationals," an official from Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry said.

Female population at 65,729,615 was slightly higher than the male population with 62,327,737.

Japan is still the world’s 10th largest population according to a U.N. population estimate in 2010.

Other facts and figures from the recent survey:

1. Japan remains the nation with the highest number of aging people, surpassing Germany and Italy. Japan’s elderly accounted for 23% of the sum population, a rise from the 20.2% in previous survey.

2. Japanese under 15 years old comprised 13.2% of the total population. This showed that the number of young population declined while the graying population was on steady rise.

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