Summary of latest quake news

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Photo by Yuichiro Haga

  • Stock market in Japan continues to collapse, down another 13% today. This is in addition to the 13% drop on opening day Monday. The market in other countries in the region have suffered though less significantly on news of radioactive leak. [NYT]

  • A third plant has exploded and radiation leaks are feared. Possibility of a meltdown is high and with the exception of 50 employees who are focused on trying to cool the reactor, all employees have be instructed to evacuate. [KYODO]

  • Radiation levels are extremely high around the Tokyo area. Kanagawa is reporting nine times the normal level of radiation. [Reuters]

  • Hundreds of bodies are washing up on the shores of Iwate as 10,000 are feared dead. [NYT]

  • A fourth reactor is burning as well reporting the LA Times. Only 50 TEPCO staff remain at the site. [LA Times]

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