Japan worried by Google’s new privacy policy

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google 300x19911 Japan worried by Google’s new privacy policyU.S. Internet giant Google has been officially asked by the Japanese government on Wednesday to handle user data carefully, amid concerns that a new privacy policy to be introduced on Thursday by the company could lead to violations of Japan’s personal data protection law.

The government has asked Google in writing to prepare clear explanations of the new rules and be ready to answer promptly user questions, even after the new policy is introduced.

According to the new privacy policy, Google will be able to interconnect data on users and their online behavior from more than 60 services like search engines, e-mail and other applications.

The company will know the whereabouts of smartphone users, as well as details about persons with whom the users have talked on the phone, according to Kyodo news agency.

The European Union and the U.S. have also expressed their reserves about Google’s new privacy policy, while the company reacted by assuring them it would not brake any laws.

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