Anime and chat rooms proposed to encourage Japanese language education

8 months ago by in Entertainment, National

A panel of experts proposed the use of chat rooms and animes to encourage people to study Japanese. The proposal which takes into consideration the influence of Japanese pop culture was brought forward to the Japanese Foreign Ministry. The latter mentioned that it will take the proposals into consideration. These proposals were reported to Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida, in its initial budget request for the new fiscal year from next April, Kyodo reports.

The chat rooms in question aim to provide learners with a chance to chat in Japanese with, while study material that makes use of Japanese anime, which has a large overseas following, would be developed to make the language more accessible.

These techniques of teaching Japanese through chatting or animes are already put into practice by various groups, but are not backed up by a government policy.


Editorial content written and produced by The Tokyo Times staff.

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