Poor women trick mobile games fans into buying meals

11 months ago by in Technology, Women

Male mobile games fans in Japan are tricked more and more by poor women who engage them into online conversations and then trick them into paying for a dinner for two. Many single women seem to have growing difficulties into paying their bills and having enough money left to buy three meals a day, according to the international press.

Ms A, a 28-year old nursery school teacher living in Tokyo, says she uses the social gaming scam to supplement her rather low income. She starts by asking the man a question related to the game they are both playing, such as “What is the best way to fight.” Then, she leads the conversation into more private matters, trying to find out how much the man is worth.

After that, Ms A says she was invited to dinner but the plans were canceled in the last minute and when the man suggests himself as a replacement, she says she does not have the money. Usually, the tricked man will offer himself to pay for the meal. The whole discussion lasts for about 15 minutes.

Ms A apparently manages three men per month using this strategy, even pretending she is a nurse to quicken the pulse rate of her potential victims.

In Japan, mobile gaming is a gigantic industry, with smartphone penetration being over 40 percent according to some estimates.

Editorial content written and produced by The Tokyo Times staff.

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