Princess Masako travels outside Japan for the first time in 7 years

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Japan’s Crown Princess Masako, who has been treated for a disorder caused by stress in the last decade, has left Japan for the first time in the last seven years to travel to the Netherlands.

Masako left Tokyo on Sunday, accompanied by her husband, Crown Prince Naruhito, the 49-year-old former diplomat, according to the international press.  They are paying an official visit to Amsterdam, in order to participate to the coronation of Willem-Alexander on April 30.

This is the first official visit the Princess is making abroad in almost 11 years since she and her husband went to New Zealand and Australia in late 2002.

The visit is scheduled to last six days. Masako will attend the Dutch king’s coronation but may skip other events “depending upon her condition”, according to the Imperial Household Agency.

Princess Masako, who was educated in the United States, had difficulties getting used to the isolated nature of royal life. She was diagnosed with an adjustment disorder, according to an official statement in 2004.

In 1993 she married Naruhito and in 2001 she gave birth to a daughter, the couple’s only child. Masako lived under intense pressure to have another child, a son, in order to keep with Japan’s male-only royal succession law.

The pressure decreased a lot in 2006, when a boy was born to the family of the crown prince’s younger brother. It is the first prince born to Japan’s royal family in 40 years.

Editorial content written and produced by The Tokyo Times staff.

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