TEPCO confronted with new radioactive leak at Fukushima

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A new radioactive water leak was reported at the end of last week at Fukushima power plant, the latest in a series of incidents at the plant that was crippled by a violent earthquake and tsunami two years ago.

About 360 litres of contaminated water leaked from a desalination unit. However, the water did not escape from the complex, Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO), the power plant’s operator, said.

The desalination unit takes the salt out of the tainted seawater used to cool reactors that went into meltdown back in March 2011.

A series of leaks from storage pools, tanks and pipes have been reported lately at Fukushima, according to the international press.

The latest comes two days after groundwater at the plant has been found to be highly contaminated with a toxic substance called strontium-90. The substance is a by-product of the fission of uranium and plutonium in nuclear reactors, as well as nuclear weapons. High levels of tritium, a less harmful substance, had also been found, Toshihiko Fukuda, a general manager at TEPCO, said.

More than 18,000 people died when the disastrous tsunami smashed into Japan’s northeast in March 2011 setting off the crisis at Fukushima.

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