Akihabara, Tokyo

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One of my favorite places in Tokyo is Akihabara.

Maybe it has something to do with my gadget addiction. Actually Akihabara is one of the most interesting and diverse areas of Tokyo. Due to it’s great location on many train and subway lines, Akihabara is a major transit point for millions of people every day. Well known as Tokyo’s "Electric Town", Akihabara or "Akiba" has been home to many trends over the years for the geek-inclined. From it’s days as an electronics and home appliance district, Akiba has been a gathering point point computer programmers, musicians, and more recently the "Otaku" sub culture.

I often wander around Akiba and like to snap photos. Here are a few I taken over the last year.

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Anime mascots cover the town and can be seen selling any type of product you could image.

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Once a haven for high end audio equipment, Akiba-kan is now home to tons of small new and used Anime goods shops.

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Maids and Maid cafes have become a signature of Akihabara and maids can be see handing out fliers to their cafes all over town.

b2af82331169f742b31383d6814965471 Akihabara, Tokyo

Near the station is a labyrinth of small shops selling any type of electronic component you can image and millions more you would never even dream of.

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The Sobu line is one of the many train lines that pass through Akihabara.

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The main street that runs through Akihabara is Chuo-dori.
Can you recognize a celebrity in my photo?

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More recently Akihabara has become home to many upscale office buildings.
These buildings house high tech and media companies.

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Walk in the backstreets and you will see stores that literally spill out into the road.
A tradition in Akihabara is to put out bins with cheap bargain goods out in the street to help attract customers.

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This recent addition to Chu-dori is a drug store gone mad.
Here you can buy everything from toothpaste to winter coats to cosplay outfits to cosplay outfits to videogames. Top it off with some pachinko, a stop at the arcade or maid cafe, or even see a show at the AKB48 theater.

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My second home. This giant electronics store has every gadget or gizmo you could ever want.