Abe’s government plans to restart 10 nuclear reactors by this summer

6 years ago by in Japan

Japanese government aims to start again about 10 nuclear reactors by this summer, as more electricity is being used during that period.

The government is expected to compile a new energy plan for Japan and to present it by March, when the end of this fiscal year will end. The new plan could include the restart of the 10 nuclear power reactors.

The government’s work on the new plan was suspended to avoid negatively influencing the candidate supported by the ruling bloc during the Tokyo gubernatorial race that ended Sunday, according to the international press.

In order to start the reactors, the government is waiting for the Nuclear Regulation Authority’s report, that will say if it is safe or not to turn on the reactors.

To resume nuclear plant operations, however, the consent of respective local governments is needed.

All the 48 reactors in the country have been suspended since September when the No. 4 reactor of Kansai Electric Power Co.’s Oi nuclear power plant in Oi, Fukui Prefecture, went offline for regular maintenance.

Before September, 46 reactors were already shut down for safety reasons after a 9.0 magnitude earthquake and disastrous tsunami hit the country in March 2011, destroying large areas of northern Japan and making around 19,000 victims.