live to eat live to ride

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I was expecting some culinary fireworks a small molecular moment but that did not surface.
What I did get was low key and damn good
Two kinds of clams and Mashed soybeans
Steamed abalone , …

Author: cheffromhell 3 years ago

Epiphany, can that be aplied in culinary terms?

Well if it can I had one tonight,

Through a tip from a friend , and finding it local to my hotel in tsukiji ,

I ventured …

Author: cheffromhell 4 years ago

Akaoni`s famous sashimi

Braised Pork belly with soy mirrin and ginger

The sake is almost overkill here I keep trying to drink the list but never remain conscious long enough to do so, over a …

Author: cheffromhell 4 years ago

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