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The next week after the Great Tohoku Earthquake, I decided to take a trip by car to the south of Japan and visit so many places, a trip I was planing to do long time …

Author: drzuco 2 years ago

Enoshima is a small island near Kamakura. Nice, very natural and with a surrealistic zone in the back.
Today it was a snowy day and it’s not usual in the Tokyo-Yokohama area, so it was …

Author: drzuco 3 years ago

Maybe you can call me a little bit obsessed with Asakusa Temple, but I really like that place. Also I live just at 10 minutes from the temple :)
These are just some shots on …

Author: drzuco 3 years ago

Odaiba is a good place to see Tokyo’s skyline and the Rainbow Bridge. A lot of space and green. Full of restaurants and entertainment. Also in the night it’s the perfect place to relax in …

Author: drzuco 3 years ago

Some pictures of the fireworks made above the Sumida River. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find a good position on the river, nor able to climb one of the bridges to setup the tripod and …

Author: drzuco 3 years ago

Thanks to my friend Ken Kuro I went to a party at Omotensando. I like events like this in Tokyo because they are always full of people form so many places, with an international environment …

Author: drzuco 3 years ago

It was a pleasure to join the Photo Exhibition organized by Tokyo.Japan Times. A lot of great people, beautiful girls, good music, photographers and a big and creative crew of artists.

Less talk and more …

Author: drzuco 3 years ago

Some pictures of the Sanja Festival at Asakusa (三社祭)

I was lucky on that day because the sky was perfect to get the clouds illuminated by the city :)

They push the big paper lantern …

Author: drzuco 3 years ago

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