Baseball in Tokyo

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Every time I am in Japan I attend as many Baseball games as possible. It is just something special to me and to many people in Japan too. Many don’t even know that Baseball (or 野球 / Yakyū how it’s called in Japan) is the #1 sport in the rand of lising sun!

It’s something totally different if you compare it to the Major Baseball League from America. Plays are small most of time and homers are just some specials if they happen, which results in very fast paced games. But the biggest difference is that Japanese fans just rock the house. The team who has its turn on the offence always gets cheered on until they switch to defense again. With lotta special songs and claps by using the hands or thunder sticks.

Oh and did you know, that in Japan the maximum of innings is limited to 12 and that games can end in a tie and are recorded like that? Yeah… not possible in America – but in Japan people have to get the last train to get home and so Baseball rules got adjusted.

Now have fun with some random photos of mine… sorry I don’t have a DSLR.

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Tokyo Dome City

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Tokyo Dome City from far away

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Tokyo Yomiuri Giants players made by Adidas …

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… can be seen in their "Giant moments" …

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… of course together with Manager’n’Coach Hara-sama in front of the Adidas store at the Tokyo Dome.

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Hiroshima Toyo Carp players doing their warm up.

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Tokyo Dome from the inside.

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Giants in action!

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ce4972a25818035e4263dcb2f9661fe61 Baseball in Tokyo

… from the …

dad28744686a9714363d586c0d4b58ef1 Baseball in Tokyo

… very nice Tokyo Dome.

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Giants ftw icon razz Baseball in Tokyo

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Yeah they can be proud… I mean they’ve won the title again right icon smile Baseball in Tokyo

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To bad, but the game came to an end :’( The carps won on this day (04.04.09) Good game with homers, action, dancers, show and everything else!

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Have I mentioned that I love the Tokyo Dome icon biggrin Baseball in Tokyo

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At Maiji Jingu Stadium (the best High Def Screen in all of Japan O.O guys!!!!)

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It’s the home of Tokyo’s second team – The Tokyo Yakult Swallows.

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Cheering squad leader icon biggrin Baseball in Tokyo – Go go Swallows… ~sings~

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wait…. wait.. wait ~

61fc358afeceb79dc2c7a20e44813ef01 Baseball in Tokyo

~ NOW ~

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Aoki, Aoki … Aoki!

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and so on ^^

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Many nice Yakult Swallows goodies in that truck!

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Baseball is played everywhere in Japan.

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Here we see some high school or university action I think.

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60ea16364408d309344fe96f01b9ed971 Baseball in Tokyo
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The best two teams played on the home ground of the Swallows too.

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Oh and the Japanese are the Best of the Best btw.

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They won the 1st World Baseball Classic in 2006.

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And managed to defend their title in 2009 again… really great stuff…

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