BBC and Sega to open multi-sensory theme park in Japan

7 years ago by in Japan, Technology

BBC Worldwide and Sega Corp. will open a natural world theme park in Japan. The multisensory park will use the latest technology, allowing visitors to experience the natural environment and the wildlife that lives on Earth.

The new park, called Orbi, was unveiled in Tokyo on Wednesday and will open on August 19.

“The BBC has been producing wonderful wildlife footage for more than 50 years and we have decided to try to create something that will be unique in the world,” said Naoya Tsurumi, president of Sega.

Orbi will be the world’s first “supercharged nature experience,” Tsurumi said. “We want to offer an experience that people cannot even get in the real world.”

An example of such experience would put visitors in the middle of a stampede of 1.3 million wildebeest in all-round images captured by the BBC in Africa, according to the international press. Aside from the HD video and the sound of the animals being caught up, the attraction will incorporate the vibration of the animals’ hooves.

“We want to transport people from their lives in the middle of the metropolis to the heart of the natural world,” Tsurumi added.

It will take around two hours for the visitors to complete a tour of the 15,500 square meter park. The tour includes 12 different areas, including soaring through the sky, travelling to the depths of the oceans and facing minus-20 temperatures in a simulation of Arctic areas.

The park’s technology will include the use of smells, a fog generator, blowers to recreate the sensation of wind and artificial lightning.