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Last year was an epic year! I went to a load of BBQ’s organized by friends and friends of friends. One time I was helping a mate set up the event, and we bought a ton of meat. I lie, it wasn’t a ton, but it was really cheap.

My asked my friend more about this place and he said it caters to restaurants and food other small businesses thats why the portions are big but cheap.

This place was Hanamasa they have a website here

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This one is in Tamachi but I hear you can find them all over Tokyo. Just look for the big cow logo.

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When I first saw this place, all I could think about was Yakisoba, and Yaki nikku. The potential was all other place. Love this place

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More meaty goodness. They costs are like 80 yen per 100g is this good? I don’t know, but looks like a good deal. ;-P

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They also have veggy section too. If you have to pretend to be healthy and impress the bikni girl at the BBQ then go grab some green too.

Me, I like my Yakki Nikku. Can’t wait till summer. Anyone up for a BBQ?

so I put my bento box link here right?