Chat Perf transforms regular phones into smelly ones

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Japanese company Chaku Perfume created Chat Perf attachment for iPhone that attaches a smell signature every time the user receives messages or email notifications.

The small device can be attached to the iPhone. It includes an atomizer that spreads scents from a scent tank contained within, so the user will have to install the desired scent tank in order to receive the favorite smell.

As well as sending a scent along with a text message or emitting a particular smell when an email lands in the inbox, the makers say the Chat Perf attachment could also be used with games – releasing, for example, the smell on gunpowder when firing a weapon, the international press reports.

One of the representatives from Chaku Perfume shared his ideas to get users started off:

・They could send a smell that matches a favorite scene from one of their games while they are playing with a friend.
・A tourist attraction could give gift-smell tanks to guests of aromatic yaku cedar, sure to get them to come again.
・Users could receive the sweat smell of their favorite idol during a concert, fans caught up in the moment would go wild!
・They could include a pleasant scent with a news letter.

Chaku Perfume says it will release its device in September, as now Chat Perf is still in prototype form. The gadget will connect to the phone’s headphone jack, thus becoming compatible with Android devices.

The device is expected to cost around Y5,000 ($50). However, there was no detail provided about the scent tanks’ price.