Crowdsourcing: After Quakebook, We Pray For You

3 years ago by in Japan

f837e655e76e3262fbd4935ee7c7f72d1 Crowdsourcing: After Quakebook, We Pray For You

The trend to use crowdsourcing for charity is one of the most interesting and positive results of the March 11 Japan earthquake and consequent events.

First, 2:46 — Aftershocks: Stories from the Japan Earthquake, commonly called Quakebook, was produced through the efforts of volunteers whose main connection was Twitter.

Now, a song has appeared on YouTube that appears to have been created using the same crowdsourcing method, with proceeds from the sale of the song going to the Japan Red Cross[/ur.

YouTube user J Rice [url=]explains how the song came about: "I sent out an email on April 1 to a lot of my youtube friends with a very rough mix of this song with only one verse and chorus. I had no idea if anyone would even be interested in singing it with me, but within 24 hours 90 percent had responded saying they were in."

" A week later I sent everyone their parts," he continues. "Luckily I was familiar with each individual voice, so I tried to pick parts that would showcase their vocals and also be the perfect match for mood in the song. Three weeks later, (50 hours of editing/mixing) … all the parts were in and the video was completed."

It’s difficult to listen to the song without thinking of the numerous talent shows created by Simon Cowell, so hopefully it will have broad appeal and raise significant funds for the Japan Red Cross.