Cup Noodles Museum to open in Japan

2 years ago by in Travel

75810dff4fd442b0ec4a9098d9cc53981 Cup Noodles Museum to open in Japan

Japan’s favorite instant snack will soon find its way in a museum rightfully and wholly dedicated to it. The Cup Noodles Museum which will display Japan’s instant cup noodles is scheduled to open next week in Yokohama.

With the opening of a Cup Noodles Museum, guests would have a taste of history about this instant snack treat as the museum brings back a glimpse of the origins of the cup noodles to the very first "Chikin Ramen" cup noodles of 1958.

The museum will also showcase how the cup noodles were developed globally over the years.

Children will find in the museum an interactive Cup Noodle Park which shows the process of making noodles from the kitchen to its shipment into the market.

The best treat for visitors is in the museum’s Chikin Ramen Factory where they can make home-made instant noodles.

The museum is managed by Nissin which is considered an empire in the noodles market as the company boasts around 22,000 employees, 29 plants in 11 countries and net sales of over £1.9 billion a year.

Japan’s cup noodles have invaded the markets all over the world as they come in interesting variations of flavors such as the paanipuri in India, mashed potato in Germany, kimchi in South Korea, and tom yam chicken in Thailand.

What’s more, the Nissin’s Space Ram noodles even made it to the Space Shuttle Discovery for consumption of astronauts in space.

Photo by: Antonio Tajuelo