“E-schizophrenia”: We expose data to corporations we don’t trust

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8e12f0c2e869b68f6e7b815f4dcdc9241 “E schizophrenia”: We expose data to corporations we don’t trust

Photo by Ian Muttoo

People are “mentally torn” when it comes to their online, connected lives. They love to shop, socialize and game online. They know they have to give in sensitive personal information to be able to do all that, and they do it, somehow gladly. Yet, they don’t trust the big companies and their technological systems.

Recent cases of data theft confirm that there is a need to worry. The IT systems of corporations like Sony or Amazon are hacked or crash and personal data can get exposed.

"We are clearly schizophrenic about this technology," said Jim Dempsey, an expert on Internet privacy at the Center for Democracy & Technology, quoted by AP. "We love it, we use it, we expect it to work, and we’ve woven it into our daily lives, professionally, socially and personally. But we really don’t trust it, and we do get upset when our data is lost or stolen."

"I know I take the risk," said a 44 years old U.S. banker. "It’s more convenient."

"I’ve accepted the fact that all my information is out there and someone has it, and that’s just the way it is," a 47 years old U.S. carpenter said.

For many companies, it’s easier and cheaper to handle data breaches that have already occurred, than making efforts to prevent them, said Ioana Rusu, regulatory counsel for Consumers Union, publisher of Consumer Reports. "Companies need to be held accountable so they protect your data up front."

The Japanese giant Sony is at the center of a global scandal following the unauthorized access to about 77 million PlayStation Network user accounts. The online gaming service was down for a week and a half, and sensitive data of the users, including bank account information, has been exposed. [AP via Yahoo News]