East Japan to return to full power

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3cf710441c683599b583e1f64467e5771 East Japan to return to full power

Power restrictions will be lifted in eastern Japan including Tokyo early September which is two weeks earlier than initially scheduled as demand for electricity eases due to a cooler weather and improved supply and demand, government said.

The lifting is also timely as some utilities are reported to resume their operations after having been suspended due to heavy rains, increasing the chances of TEPCO to adequately provide supply of electricity.

The government issued July 1 an order requiring a reduction of power consumption by companies in the Tokyo and Tohoku regions. In the said decree, major firms which may have violated the required cut down would be imposed fines of up to a million yen. The restriction, scheduled up to Sept. 22, came on account of the critical situation of power supply as a result of the nuclear crisis triggered by the disastrous March 11 quake and tsunami.

The advance lifting of the order also seeks to improve conditions on reconstruction efforts in the disaster-hit areas, the government added.

While the government has lifted the restrictions on power usage, it continues to call on households and businesses to trim down their electricity consumption by 15 percent until the end of September.

Even with the lifting of the order, leading automakers would continue implementing power-cutting measures for the meantime, said the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association.

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