Four white tiger cubs presented for the first time at Tokyo zoo

8 years ago by in Japan

Four rare white tiger cubs were presented for the first time at the Tobu zoo in Tokyo. The fluffy cubs are only 1.5 months old and are between 30 and 40 centimeters long.  They are not too heavy either, as they weigh around five kilograms.

As cute and rare as the cubs are – the international press comments  -, it is easy to understand why hundreds of visitors queued for more than one hour to see them at the Japanese zoo.

‘Seeing such small babies, I became very happy. And when I saw three of the baby tigers playing and their mother watching over them from nearby I thought, what a nice family,’ said Yusuke Terada, one of the visitors.

The young tigers were born on March 16 to a tigress called Karla, which is seven years old. They belong now to a small worldwide population of only 250-odd white tigers.

The cubs are still drinking their mother’s milk, but lately they began to be also interested in the meat the tigress is eating.

White Bengal tigers have a rare genetic anomaly and have always been extremely rare in the wild, but they became very popular in zoos and circuses do their special color.

The white tiger is a recessive mutant of the Bengal tiger. Although they have extremely similar physical attributes to the common tiger, white tigers tend to be larger.