Hakone day trip

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Owakudani Valley panoram

Again, not strictly Tokyo, but a trip doable in one day (even though two days are recommended).

Taken on April 8th. We were short of time, so could not arrange a two day trip and made it just a day trip.
I think we have seen most of the stuff there, though definitely not everything.
Was pretty cold too which contributed to our somewhat earlier than planned departure.

Another big downer as inability to see Mt. Fuji due to clouds in that direction.

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Odakyu line MSE “Romance Car”.
Our seats were at the front of the very first car, right behind the train operator.

5000 yen/person + 870 fee for the “express” gets you unlimited travel on all kinds of transportation in Hakone. Not super cheap, but still better than paying full price and bying separate ticket every time.

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Some mountain straight ahead. Could it be Mt. Fuji?

Video of the train trip:

Funny how the operator points his finger to things and says something all the time. I guess helps to reduce mistakes and to remember that everything was indeed performed correctly after the fact.

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Cable-car ride from Gora to Sounzan.
Pretty steep cable-car.

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Owakudani Valley.
Breathtaking views from Hakone ropeway.
This is after somewhat boring ride to the top first.

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Owakudani valley from Owakudani station. Elevation 1044 meters.

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Hakone ropeway from side.

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Ropeway from Owakudani to Togendai

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Lake Ashi from the ropeway.

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Cruise ship.

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Another cruise ship. BIKTORI icon wink Hakone day trip
Complete with cannons.

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Cruising on the Lake Ashi.

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Small torii gate in the water? I wonder why.

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Captain leads our ship to the destination.

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Oncoming pirate ship!
Good thing we are on a pirate ship as well, so they did not attack us.

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Moto-Hakone passes by.

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Very tasty Gyudon I had at Hakone-Machi right after exiting the ship.

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Hakone Sekisho (checkpoint).
Turns out they mostly used it to prevent women fleeing from Edo icon wink Hakone day trip

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Stairs to watch tower. 58 steep stairs.

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Watch tower itself.
I wondered what was the purpose and it turns out the boat travel across the Lake was forbidden so they looked at that. Not sure how they communicated with patrols near the lake, though.

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Road from Edo Gate of the Hakone checkpoint.

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Some real big Torii gate in the lake near Moto-Hakone. No idea what is it for.
View from observation platform in Onshi Hakone park.

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Detached Palace.

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Lake Ashi. Too bad no view of Mt. Fuji due to clouds.

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Ancient Cedar Avenue.
We got there right after some rainy days so there were a lot of dirt and water.

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Ancient Cedar icon wink Hakone day trip

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This avenue reminds me of Muir Woods, though trees there were higher of course.

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The big Torii gate in the lake again.

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A lot of boats in the lake on our side. I just liked the view so much that I took a lot of pictures.

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Big Torii gate

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Tozan train in Hakone-Yumoto. Only took a picture of it on the way back. icon sad Hakone day trip

Video of some Hakone trip activities (I wish I took more).

The full report with a lot more pictures in my blog at http://linuxhacker.ru/d/?q=node/80