Hitsujiyama Koen – Chichibu

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Japan offers lots of flowers to enjoy in spring. After Sakura season is over, the Shibazakura (Moss Pink or Phlox Subulata) season reaches its peak. Went to Hitsujiyama Park, one of the most popular Shibazakura viewing spots in Japan. For people who likes flowers, this place is a must see place.

In order to get to Hitsujiyama Park, take the Seibu-Chichibu Line train from Ikebukuro and get off at Seibu-Chichibu. It is a 2 hours trip so make sure you bring something to make your trip enjoyable.

From Seibu-Chichibu station you could take a bus to the park.

Or if you prefer to walk, it takes 30 minutes walking.

There are plenty of shrines to see in Chichibu. One of them is Chichibu Shrine, an ancient shrine.

Sacred tree in Imamiya Temple.

There are around 34 Sacred Temples in Chichibu if you are interested on doing the pilgrimage.

Meow !

The main destination, Hitsujiyama Koen. The park opens from 8AM to 5PM and the admission fee is 300 yen.

When you entering the place, you will definitely amazed by the carpet of flowers. Beautiful place !

The park has 9 varieties of Shibazakura. The park covers 16,500 square meters and has more than 400,000 flowers.


If you are planning to go there, go early in the morning so there will be fewer people.