iPhone underwears to protect home button

5 years ago by in Entertainment

Japanese toy and video game maker Bandai released SmartPants, a pair of underwears that covers up the iPhone’s home button.

Each pair of SmartPants costs about Y200 ($2.13) and will go on sale this month. The SmartPants are presented by promotional posters as “the world’s first pair of underwear that can be worn by your smartphone” and consumers are urged to protect their home button.

Users can choose from eight different styles: briefs, striped panties, boomerang, leopard-print thong, boxer briefs, bright red thong, strawberry panties, and “secret,” according to the local press.

The underwears are made of silicone and can stretch to fit any kind of smartphone. They will be available for sale through vending machines in Bandai’s Gashapon plastic balls.

Users outside Japan who want to buy a pair of i-underpants should know that a website was created for online orders. However, all the items are currently sold out, but they can be ordered in advance.