Ise Shrine

7 years ago by in Travel

Ise Shrine in Mie Prefecture is one of the most important Shinto Shrines in Japan. The grounds are immaculate and the trees truly enormous – some of the bases are the size of small cars. The shaded carp pond and the roosters roaming around it are also a great place to take a quick break. Living in the local area, I’ve been a number of times but I had another opportunity to visit this weekend as my wife’s cousin her boyfriend came to visit and we showed them around Ise.

I also have a lot of photos from the sumo competition that took place last month. I’ll post them if I have time, let me know if there’s any interest. Cheers!


I now it’s not totally uncommon at other Shrines but the roosters at Ise Shrine are numerous, very tame and certainly a lot of fun to photograph.

Good Luck Shop

The shop selling good luck charms (お守り) at Ise Shrine.

Twin Trees

Two of the fabulously tall trees that spread across the gounds of Ise Shrine.

Inner Shrine

Using a camera beyond the bottom of the steps is forbidden so this is as close are you’re getting without a super telephoto.

Outer Shrine

Another part of the shrine that you can get as close to as you want.

It Takes Two

A carp from the beautiful carp pond at Ise Shrine.