Japan cooks largest burger in the fast food world

2 years ago by in Travel

e86315a8d20bee47f8c7e54ff15434741 Japan cooks largest burger in the fast food world

Burger King Japan is preparing to launch a pizza-sized Whopper hamburger as part of a Christmas promotion. The unusually large hamburger is the company’s strategy to tackle rival KFC.

The hamburger will be 22-centimeter wide and will be served in two versions – fresh avocado and nacho flavor.

Fast food is increasingly popular in Japan around the holidays. KFC’s chicken buckets were so in demand last Christmas that many fast food restaurant owners had to place orders two weeks in advance.

"Our holiday sales are five to ten times higher than other months," a KFC Japan spokesman was quoted as saying in 2010. "In Japan, Christmas equals KFC."

Burger King’s pizza-sized burger can also be ordered by groups of four, with sides and drinks included. “Basically, this is Burger King trying to muscle into KFC’s Christmas turf, “ according to Eater.com.