Japan placed 12th in human development: UNDP

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63ca0a343923840abf51e2b1ccab9e401 Japan placed 12th in human development: UNDP

A report on human development index by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) ranked Japan in 12th spot among 187 countries and regions in the world, The Asahi Shimbun reported.

Human Development Index gauges factors such as life expectancy, literacy, education, and gross domestic product, among other things. In common terms, the HDI report measures the total well-being or quality of life of people in a country and may be used to define whether a country is a developed, developing or under-developed nation.

The human development report of 2011 released on November 2 put the United States at fourth place for “affluent” country and at 23rd place when factors namely income, education, and health inequality are considered.

As explained by UNDP the inequality-adjusted human development index (IHDI) is obtained by measuring the average level of human development after factoring in inequality in a society. The IHDI of Japan was not determined due to lack of available data.

Developed nations in the West comprised the top 10 or highest echelons in this year’s ranking on human development with Norway at the topmost spot, followed by Australia, the Netherlands, United States, and New Zealand, in that particular order. Conversely, lowest-ranking countries all came from Africa with the Democratic Republic of Congo at the last spot.

Japan’s Asian neighbors, South Korea and China, ranked 15th and 101st respectively.

This year’s ranking of Japan is a notch lower than the 11th place the country got in 2010 HDI report.

The UNDP’s human development report excludes North Korea and territories in the world where pertinent data could not be obtained.