Japan’s Mt. Fuji soon to be a World Heritage?

6 years ago by in Travel

Japan’s highest mountain might just be included among the World Heritage List come 2013. Mt. Fuji, with its exceptional and symmetrical cone standing at 3,776.24 meters is to be registered in the World’s Heritage for 2013, said Commissioner Seiichi Kondo of Japan’s Cultural Affairs. The planned registration which will be submitted to the U.N. Educational, Science and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) came after a recommendation from Yamanashi Gov. Shomei Yokouchi was received by the office of Commissioner Kondo.

Commissioner Kondo is optimistic about gathering all necessary documentation and nomination letters to convince UNESCO in examining and considering Mt. Fuji as a heritage site. Formal nomination letter is set to be transmitted to UNESCO in February 2012. The government of Japan is hopeful the recommendation will be screened by the said UN agency for 2013 and successfully granted designating Mt. Fuji as a World Heritage Site.

The letter of nomination depicts Mt. Fuji as a “famous mountain symbolizing Japan and its culture.” The mountain which is located about 100 kilometers southwest of Tokyo has been distinctive of Japan’s natural features and topography. It has been famous as a tourist destination and a site for mountain climbing. The attractive cone of the mountain that is often covered with snow is a spellbinding and spectacular sight. Mount Fuji has five picturesque lakes and various Shinto temples on its slopes.

Earlier, the government had intended to register Japan’s highest peak in World’s Heritage in 2003 but later retracted its nomination because of the severe garbage problem that beleaguered the country’s pinnacle at that time.

Another compilation of recommendation is being worked out by the Kanagawa Prefecture to designate the ancient capital of Kamakura as World Heritage with its temples and Shinto shrines.

Japan’s desire for the designation of Mt. Fuji as a world heritage site would help promote awareness on the beauty and history of this awe-inspiring mountain and could just be a beautiful possibility in the midst of the country’s trying times.

Photo by: hide99