Japan's tsunami orphans search for help

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Japan is a country where adoption is almost non-existent, leaving more than 200 children who have been made parent-less as result of the earthquake and tsunami that struck Fukushima desperately searching for a thread of support.

Non-profit organization Ashinaga is trying to raise awareness of the on-going situation in Japan with 1,200 children who have lot at least one parent as a result of the devastation.

Yukichi Okazaki, the supervising director of Ashinaga is taking the cause abroad, looking to build support and remind people that great hurdles still remain for the many parentless children who are trying to fend of themselves in a world turned up side down.

"They start forgetting what happened in Japan. That’s why we are going to visit New York, to ask the international community to never forget." Okazaki told CNN.

CNN reports that the only options for many of these children are to live with distant relatives or orphanages, but most of the orphanages throughout Japan are already at full occupancy. These children now find themselves coping with the logistical challenge of finding support and the emotional challenge of moving on with their lives, mostly alone.