Japan starts vintage car exhibition in Taiwan as sign of gratitude

7 years ago by in Entertainment

A vintage Japanese car exhibition was organized in Taiwan by a group called Rally Nippon Foundation, as a ‘thank you’ gesture for the country’s help during the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011.

The cars are displayed outside of Japan for the first time. The fleet includes sixty vintage cars with an estimated value of Y1 billion (around $9.79 million) and will be going around Taiwan, one of the first countries to have aided Japan during its time of need.

The exhibition started on Thursday in Taipei, and will last for four days, while the tour will include stops in Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung. The oldest car is a 1926 Bentley Speed Model, driven by 72-year-old Junichiro Inagawa who put a sticker on the vehicle saying “233 years of road experience”, which is the combined age of the car, driver and co-driver, the international press reports.

All the exhibited cars were made before 1974 and have been kept in perfect condition.

Club official Yusuke Kobayashi said it took them a year and a half to prepare for this tour and it was easy to convince members to join the rally because all of them are thankful for the help that Taiwan extended to Japan during the disasters which includes over $200 million in financial aid.