Japan: The morning snapshot March 24th

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More than 25,000 people are now dead or missing following the March 11 earthquake and its aftermath.

Radiation levels in the Tokyo water supply were declared unfit for infants.

No end is seen in Japan’s push for nuclear energy as the situation at Fukushima’s reactors continues to be far from safe.


Banks in Tokyo are considering lending Tepco up to ¥2 trillion as the company struggles to avert nuclear crisis and maintain its reputation.

The computer system failure at Mizuho bank, which stalled transfers and halted ATM services, is close to being resolved.

Adobe has slashed its economic forecast based in part on problems that have arisen in Japan since the earthquake.


The dollar ended trading in the upper ¥80 range in Tokyo on Wednesday.


The latest installment in the yakuza game series has been delayed, but the is a Twitter app that impatient fans can download.


An animation video on the web attempts to explain the situation at Fukushima in flatulent terms.

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Photo by foshydog

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