Japan worried by N. Korea’s possible missile launch

7 years ago by in Korea

Japan is making everything possible to collect information and work together with the international community amid signs North Korea is preparing to launch a missile, Kyodo news agency states.

“The rhetoric (of North Korea) is increasingly provocative,” Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said during an interview on a television program. But he also said Tokyo will “calmly” watch the situation.

“We understand every development (in North Korea) by collaborating with the United States and South Korea,” Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said, as Pyongyang has reportedly moved what appears to be a mid-range missile to its east coast facing Japan. “It is extremely regrettable they repeat provocative acts.”

“North Korea will gain nothing by provoking the international community”, Suga added.

The top government spokesman said Tokyo is prepared for the “worst-case scenario,” adding China and Russia can play “significant roles” in removing the pressure surrounding North Korea, which announced this week it will restart a nuclear reactor that can produce weapons-grade material despite the international resolutions.