Japan-grown cubic watermelons- sold £500 a piece in Russia

8 years ago by in Entertainment

Cubic watermelons grown in Japan are a big hit in Russian luxury supermarkets. The strange looking fruit are sold £500 which is the equivalent of Rub 28,000. This is almost 300 times the price of a regular watermelon.

Japanese-grown “square” watermelons are being exported for sale in Russia at more than £500 a piece, it’s reported. The price tag on the watermelons may be impressive but there are not many people who rush into buying them, the media writes. According to a shop assistant, some people buy the fruit “just for fun”.

Watermelons are a popular gift in Japan, especially during the summer gift-giving season, ochugen, when friends and co-workers make each-other presents. The cubic watermelons are grown in the Kagawa Prefecture in plastic containers that give them the specific shape. The unusually looking fruit are designed to have more of an ornamental purpose.