Japanese libraries use Bacteria Elimination Boxes to clean books

8 years ago by in Entertainment

Many of the Japanese libraries are using the Bacteria Elimination Box for books, a device that helps killing germs left behind by the books’ readers.

Using the Bacteria Elimination Box is simple and free: the book must be placed on one of the box’s shelves, than the door must be closed and the switch in the top right corner of the box must be switched on. If the device is working, a blue light will be seen through the window on the left. The cleaning process takes about 45 seconds and in the end the book placed inside the box should be germ-free.

The blue glow within the box accompanies the emission of bacteria eliminating UV rays, the local press reports. According to one of the managers at Kihara Corporation, the company that manufactures these boxes, the box is effective against Yellow Staphylococcus, E. Coli, and other microorganisms, as well as the influenza virus.

The device only cleans the book’s covers. However, it seems that covers are the ones that need it the most, as almost 100 percent of germs are placed on the book’s covers, not on the inside, as readers do not hold a book by its pages, but by its covers.