Japanese Passion

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Out of Japanese Passion from My Stuff by Sergey Berengard
Me-self is being fascinated by the Japanese culture and language – that is the way I would say it if I wanted to be humble, simple and short on words, but not this time. During the last year or so, I developed grand passion and fascination towards the Japanese language, culture, arts, Manga and Anime, games, Kanji, way of life… Did I mention “Japanese”?

I’m not even sure how it all began. I remember when I began watching Bleach, I remember wishing to know Japanese as one of my desired languages to know, but the source of my passion towards this probably came ever earlier, I will establish this moment as an unknown point in time icon razz Japanese Passion . Since then I simply got interested. In the first stages as I remember came lots of Anime’s. “Bleach” and “Shakugan no Shana” were the first ones, after which came “School Rumble”… Hey, I do remember this, nice!
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From all those artistic presentations I believe I began to assemble the idea of the Japanese life in my mind, even previous to me-self visiting Japan and seeing it all with my own eyes. I still haven’t visited Japan, my work and occupation wouldn’t let me for now – in other words, I’m still a virgin… Boo-hoo!
So, from that point on my fascination and passion began to grow like a tree (Sakura tree?) and as the time passed I already visited all kinds of websites about life in Japan, some of which are Culture:Japan, figure.fm, Tokyo.Japan Times and many others. I was looking at the time for helpful sources to learn the language of the country I wished to visit so much together with examining Mangas, practicing my drawing, searching for materials of all kinds and exploring – exploring – exploring!
(Also, along the way came the idea to study and live in Japan in the future, that idea stays with me until today ^^)

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